Sponsorship Jobs in Canada – Top 10 Companies to Apply

Top Companies for Sponsorship Jobs in Canada

Google Canada 

Sponsorship Jobs in Canada, our ranking of Canadian businesses that sponsor visas places Google Canada at the top. When Google Canada’s doors opened in Toronto, a network of foreign employees has expanded. They adhere to the principle of equal opportunity and do not discriminate on the grounds of, among other things, race, creed, color, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.


The Google Canada headquarters in Toronto is hiring for the following five job categories:

  • Business Strategy, 
  • Engineering and Technology, 
  • Marketing and Communications, 
  • Design and Sales, 
  • and Services and Support.

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Farming P&H 

A pioneer in agriculture is the Canadian family-owned business Parrish & Heimbecker, Ltd (P&H). P&S was founded in 1909 and has grown to employ more than 1,500 people. P&H concentrates on grain marketing, flour milling, crop inputs, and feed milling.

Farming businesses like P&H are constantly looking for employees to cover the labor shortfall given the size of the Canadian agriculture industry, which the Government of Canada projects will employ 2.1 million people in 2021.



KPMG is a wonderful place to begin if you want to work in Canada’s financial sector. There are positions available for seasoned professionals, executives, recent grads, and students at the auditing and tax advice firm, which has about 46 locations across Canada.

You will have several learning opportunities working for KPMG. Their technical, business, and leadership skills can be improved through formal and on-the-job training at the KPMG virtual business school. You can also tailor your professional development and gain access to learning resources by using Degreed, a digital learning platform from KPMG.


The Bank of Nova Scotia, also referred to as Scotiabank, is a global provider of financial services with its main office in Toronto, Ontario. It is one of Canada’s Big Five banks and the third-largest bank in terms of deposits in the nation, according to Investopedia.


Depending on your interests and career goals, the bank offers a number of job choices. Join the Retail Banking team if you value developing dependable relationships. Join the Technology team to help define the future of banking if you want to create safe and seamless digital experiences.

Elastic Path 

The last company on our list of organizations offering visa sponsorship positions in Canada is Elastic Path, a company that specializes in improving digital commerce experiences. They have their headquarters in Vancouver and provide a headless commerce solution that can aid with your career launch in a number of industries, including IT, marketing, product development, operations, and management.

PWC Canada 

PWC Canada is one of the leading professional services networks in the world. They take pleasure in having supported the growth of Canadian organizations over 110 years. PwC offers industry-specific services to both public and private clients. Additionally, they have staff members and colleagues spread out across the country that use their knowledge to provide high-quality services and products that aid in the solution of urgent issues.

The following services are provided by the business:

  • Data analytics, 
  • risk management, 
  • and assurance and audit consultation Tax 

Agrifresh, Inc. 

When cultivating, gathering, producing, and providing healthful and excellent food goods and services, the highest international health standards are adhered to.

Thanks to the efforts of Agrifresh produce specialists who operate in a vital geographic corridor, fresh agricultural products are delivered on time. They have been taught safe handling techniques and reliable product hauling.


For American companies, setting up a virtual subsidiary in Canada is made simple with MobSquad. They give firms the option to retain present technology staff despite the constraints on US work visas, or to establish a team of highly trained nearshore workers in Canada. They recruit highly qualified foreign technology professionals from US businesses who had their work visa applications denied in the US, and they move them to Canada. The continuous administrative procedures for hiring talent in Canada are overseen by MobSquad.


Enbridge connects millions of people to the energy they need each day, enhancing their quality of life. They invest in and construct cutting-edge infrastructure, robust communities, and reliable energy as part of their long-term planning.

With its four primary operations, Enbridge operates throughout North America and beyond, providing dependable, affordable energy sources while advancing society and the economy.

  • pipes for moving liquids 
  • natural gas pipelines 
  • Natural gas distribution and storage 
  • renewable energy sources

Schneider Electric Canada Inc.

It is an automation and control company that was started in 1836. Along with prospects for professional growth, the organization also provides its staff members with mental and physical assistance. They uncovered a program where, rather than just enabling employees to work from home, they also send them furniture (chairs and sit-stand workstations).

Permit to Work 

If you possess a work permit, which is a card or document, you are permitted to work in Canada. You need to get a work visa after you’ve found sponsorship employment in Canada that will provide you an LMIA. There are two types of work permits:

Open Work Permit 

This type of work permit has no limitations. The work permit needs to contain more details regarding the company’s employment. A job offer or a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) are not required.

Work Permit Specific to Employer 

There are limitations on these employment permits. It states the type of your employment, the position you are limited to, and the name of your employer.

You will normally preserve your present work permit, even if you will need to apply for a new one if you work for a different employer.

To be eligible for this kind of work visa, you must possess both a job offer and a labor market impact analysis (LMIA). You can submit an application for a work permit once you have met these two conditions.


What is LMIA? 

Before recruiting a foreign worker, a Canadian employer must receive a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment. The IRCC is confident that no qualified Canadian citizens or residents can fill the employment vacuum as a result. The government should grant them a work visa if a foreign national is required to fill the position so they can come to Canada and do so.

How do I find a job in Canada?

Write a Resume in the style required by Canadian employers as a first step. It must be in English and be truthful, precise, and well-written.

Second, you can seek up these Canadian companies that sponsor foreign workers as well as the positions they provide using Google. To avoid disappointment, be sure you meet the requirements for the position before applying.

Lastly, you can search for jobs on websites like Indeed or Linked In. Make a profile with your goals, where you live, what you’ve done, and your qualifications, and then start looking, choose the employment for foreigners or visa sponsorships filter.

Do I need a job to immigrate to Canada?

Having a job increases your chances even though it is not necessary to do so in order to move to Canada because it gives you more points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Also, getting a work visa in Canada could eventually assist you in getting permanent status.

Conclusion On Sponsorship Jobs in Canada

Immigration to Canada has significantly increased in recent years. Immigrants hold more than a quarter of all jobs in Canada. Because of the elderly population and low birth rate in Canada, there are more opportunities for immigrants to enter the economy.

As a result, firms in Canada are searching for immigrants who possess the skills necessary to maintain their companies’ operations. Canadian companies assist you in applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) with Employment and Social Development (ESDC) Canada, even if they don’t always sponsor foreign workers.

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