Salesforce Jobs in Canada – Best Guide 2023

Salesforce Jobs in Canada, do you want to work for SalesForce in Canada? The wage, the Salesforce Interview Process, the reason Salesforce is one of the finest places to work, and much more will all be covered in this article.


Salesforce is happy to keep assisting Canadians and businesses in thriving in the modern digital economy. In order to support the Canadian business environment, Salesforce announced a $2 billion commitment over five years in 2018.

The more than 1,600 Salesforce employees who work across Canada are committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work. They have given more than 2.7 million dollars and over 235,000 hours. Learn more about Salesforce employment opportunities in Canada by reading more.

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What are the Jobs at Salesforce?

The term “Salesforce jobs” refers to a variety of job titles and duties, all of which have as their main duty assisting CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Salesforce has three different types of specialized positions: administrators, consultants, and developers.

Depending on the job title, these occupations have a range of duties and pay. Among other things, Salesforce administrators oversee users, security, and data for specialized service cloud apps.

Why should you work at Salesforce?

For a variety of reasons, Salesforce employees and people from the larger IT ecosystem want to work there. It won’t take you long to find the several accolades Salesforce obtains each year designating them as one of the best workplaces in the countries in which they conduct business.


Notable accolades include being recognized as one of the best places to work in the UK by Glassdoor in 2021 before slipping to third place the following year. Salesforce was named fourth among the Fortune 100 best companies to work for in the US.

Why is Salesforce regarded as one of the best workplaces?

It’s uncommon to see Salesforce not consistently place among the top firms in many different nations on the “Best Places to Work” lists compiled by publications around the world.

What, therefore, makes Salesforce one of the best places to work? You could believe that Salesforce, a corporate Technology company with more than 73,500 employees, has drifted away from its idealistic founding principles, but you’d be wrong.

In addition to the other basic principles of trust, creativity, customer success, and (just added) sustainability, Salesforce is unusual in that equality and well-being have always been given top priority. Here are some of the initiatives Salesforce has led over the years, with an emphasis on its most recent initiatives.

Salesforce Common Roles

What are some of the most sought-after positions among Salesforce employees and others in the tech industry? Let’s look at it.

Solution Engineer

The most common job path for technical workers at Salesforce is probably Solution Engineer. Assisting the Salesforce deal cycle with technical product questions, creating customized demos to match customers’ needs, and serving as a storyteller to illustrate the use of the Salesforce platform are among your responsibilities.

Candidates for this post typically include senior professionals, particularly Salesforce Consultants and active solution engineers.

Account Executive

The Account Executive (AE) job in Salesforce is a different career path for salespeople. The client interaction and support throughout the whole sales cycle will be handled by the AE function.

Sales professionals at an ISV or consulting firm are best suited for employment as account executives.


At Salesforce, there are several different “flavors” of architects, including Solution Architects, Technical Architects, and Program Architects. As a pre-sales professional for Salesforce, you can be assisting some of the company’s most complex deals (akin to a solution engineer).

You might also work in customer success, helping current Salesforce clients or putting things into place.

Other Roles

Although the aforementioned positions are the most common, hundreds of other options will be accessible because, as you might guess, Salesforce hires for a wide range of positions. This could include speaking at events and creating content to promote the Salesforce platform while working on the Trailhead team, workforce development teams, as a sales operation analyst, or even as an admin or developer evangelist.

Salesforce jobs in Canada Salary

$50.28 per hour, or $51.28 annually. The starting salary for entry-level employees is $74,320, while the highest paid professionals can make up to $141,375 annually.

Salesforce jobs in Canada – Salary per region

Alberta $110,000

Ontario $107,250

Quebec $98,350

British Columbia $92,500

What Does the Ideal Salesforce Candidate Look Like?

Salesforce employs over 70,000 people (as of this writing), and the talents they require depend on the position and department. But, it is evident from my research and the interviews I performed for this post that Salesforce expects certain similar traits and values from applicants.

  • Salesforce’s values must be a part of you.

Every organization specifies its guiding ideas in order to make sure that experts who share them are hired. Salesforce takes its core values seriously and makes sure that all of its business strategy, hiring practices, and product development constantly reflect these ideals.

Before implementing the five key values of Salesforce—truth, customer success, innovation, equality, and sustainability—do thorough research on them. Your cultural compatibility will be ensured if you adhere to these Salesforce standards.

  • Understand the Salesforce Mission

Second, it’s crucial to comprehend Salesforce’s overarching goal in offering its products and services, in other words, Salesforce’s goal is to help its clients expand their organizations. Salesforce’s mission is to empower enterprises to engage with their customers in a whole new way.

It’s crucial to comprehend how Salesforce does this through its products and services because this is vital to every conversation a Salesforce employee has with a customer.

  • Business Acumen

The enterprise software company with the fastest growth rate in history is Salesforce. This was made possible by innovation, prioritizing the needs of the customer, and acting as a well-oiled sales and marketing engine.

Despite the fact that the majority of readers will have technical backgrounds, Salesforce is a company, and depending on your role, many conversations with customers may have a financial impact, such as the sale of a new product or additional licenses.

These conversations require a certain level of commercial awareness to ensure that you are in alignment with the Salesforce sales teams (and common sense).

  • Recognize the Salesforce Ecosystem

The businesses that are a part of the Salesforce ecosystem are integral to it. Independent software vendors (ISVs) are responsible for developing innovative solutions, while Salesforce depends on its consulting partners to carry out outstanding projects.

At the center of this ecosystem lies Salesforce. Thus, it’s essential to comprehend how everything interacts, including the various organizational types, ecological roles, and duties.

  • Salesforce’s Community

Salesforce evangelists, who are present everywhere, influence how the world views Salesforce. They manage tens of thousands of user groups around the world, publish blogs and YouTube videos, and give presentations at conferences.

The group of people who use Salesforce and its assortment of products is frequently referred to as the Salesforce community. If you’ve spent much time in the Salesforce ecosystem, you’ve definitely noticed that prominent members of the community frequently move to Salesforce. These people will have given speeches at gatherings, earned credentials, written blogs, and done a variety of other things.

  • Storytelling

The most common jobs performed by Salesforce employees frequently entail storytelling. With customers, you will spend a lot of time outlining the business benefits of Salesforce and guiding them through a process.

Your soft skills, presentation strategies, and capacity to translate complex business and Salesforce jargon into a well-crafted story are crucial.

Salesforce Interview Process

The interview process at salesforce often comprises of many rounds. Depending on the position and your level of knowledge, the process may vary, however most applicants will go through three or four major steps:

A phone interview with a recruiter will be the initial step. Your basic experience will be discussed in this chat to determine your suitability for a position at Salesforce. At this stage, you have to make an impression because the recruiter will decide whether or not to advance you.

After that, you’ll probably have a conversation with a manager or team lead to discuss your skills and competences in more detail. The manager will frequently inquire at this point, “Why Salesforce? Why is that now? Why are you doing it, exactly?

Then, let’s say you are applying for a highly technical position (for example, a Technical Architect in Customer Success). In that situation, a technical test to determine your suitability may be administered at this stage.

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