UK Farm Working Jobs For Foreigners In 2023

UK Farm Working Jobs, do you want to work on farms in the UK? Farm work sponsorship positions in the UK are fantastic ways to start a career there. The UK is a well-liked travel destination, and the visa application process is simple. Compared to Australia, Canada, or the US, it is closer. More than 3 million additional employment are desired by the British economy.


Why apply for a UK Farm Work Visa? 

Due to the significant labor shortage the nation is now experiencing, over 46,000 UK firms sponsor visas. All of them have received the full support of the British government. They also have the legal authority to sponsor applications from abroad. Agriculture is one of the UK’s fastest-growing industry and has one of the highest percentages of graduate employment.

Agriculture accounts for 71% of the land area and 1% of employment in the UK (467,000 people). Every year, 70,000 foreign laborers support the UK’s agricultural sector. The UK agriculture sector has a strong demand for foreign labor due to its more than 216,000 farm holdings.

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Farmworker responsibilities 

Your daily responsibilities will vary depending on the season and the sort of farm you work on.


The duties of a typical agricultural worker in the UK include the following:

  • taking care of and feeding farm animals 
  • preventing disease by treating livestock and crops 
  • upkeep of farm structures 
  • Picking fruit and packing produce 
  • operating and maintaining milking equipment and other farm machinery, such as tractors, on dairy farms 
  • repairing fences and walls, cleaning drains and ditches, and trimming hedges

List of Farm working Agencies In the UK

  • UK Government Farm Jobs
  • Tasty Careers
  • AB Agri
  • Farmers Guardian
  • ADAS Careers
  • Farmers Weekly
  • National Trust Agric Jobs
  • The Scottish Farmer

1. UK Govt Farm Jobs 

The Find a Job tool on can help you with your job search for farm jobs and can also alert you when new farm jobs in the UK become available. Please use the official website of the UK government to look for and apply for Farm Working Visa Sponsorship Jobs. There are farm occupations available to foreign applicants that sponsor visas.


2. Tasty Careers Agriculture Jobs In the UK

It will be easier for you to comprehend what it’s like to work on a farm in the UK if you read the more than 100 wonderful job descriptions on their website.

The particular duties you’ll be performing will vary depending on the season and the type of farm you work on, but a number of jobs must be completed.

3. AB Agri

The company is the agricultural sector of the global food, ingredient, and retail conglomerate Associated British Foods PLC (ABF), which has 128,000 employees and annual sales of £13.9 billion.

AB Agri is always searching for exceptional people to join the company in order to fulfil its many varied opportunities. The company has employees all over the world working in the agricultural supply chain.

Apply for the employment at AB Agro if it appeals to you. If a match is made after reviewing your application, you will be invited to meet the team so that you may both get to know one another.

If the interview goes well, we’ll give you feedback and make you an offer. The company will complete pre-employment checks, and everything will be prepared for your start day. As soon as you work for AB Agri, they will respect you as a valuable employee.

4. Farmers Guardian

Weekly publication Farmers Guardian focuses on the British agricultural industry. It provides comprehensive and up-to-date news, with sections on livestock, agriculture, and machinery in addition to business news and the most recent market prices. It is released every Friday and is disseminated all around the nation.

5. ADAS Careers

In the rural, agricultural, and environmental sectors, this is a well-known leader. With more than 75 years of experience in the agricultural and environmental sectors, ADAS is one of the top consultancy and research companies in the UK.

To provide long-lasting, sustainable solutions across a range of disciplines, they work with a diverse spectrum of clients from the public and private sectors.

Consider applying for one of the farm jobs at ADAS listed below if you feel this is something you’d like to be a part of.

6. Farmers Weekly

This publication is for the UK farming industry. In addition to news, business features, and a weekly compilation of information relating to British, European, and global agriculture, it includes sections on livestock, arable, and machinery with technological breakthroughs, farm sales, and pricing analyses.

The portal assesses available agricultural jobs globally, including those in the UK. Immigrants looking for sponsorship for their visas can register on Farmers Weekly for the greatest agricultural employment openings in the UK and throughout the world.

7. National Trust Agric Jobs

There are numerous occupations available because the National Trust has a sizable and significant sector dedicated to agricultural jobs. You can move to the UK and get sponsorship for an agricultural work visa with the aid of our portal.

Agricultural positions at the National Trust

The National Trust provides numerous chances for Countryside Management in its unique settings, regional offices, and outdoor areas.

8. The Scottish Farmer

Another resource that has been providing crucial farming viewpoints and business information to farmers for 124 years. Other features include political and agricultural characters. Through this portal, you can find sponsorship for a UK farm work visa.

The portal also provides helpful details about agricultural employment opportunities in the UK. Applicants can subscribe to The Scottish Farmer and browse for the most recent job openings in the field if they are looking for UK agricultural jobs supported by a visa.

Do farmers in the United Kingdom pay taxes? 

Farmhouses owned by businesses and valued at more than £500,000 are taxable.

Farmers that possess expensive residential real estate through a limited company must pay an annual tax on such real estate or, in some cases, make an abatement application.

Is there a way to get from the city to the farm? 

In order to ensure that the social distance policies established in the government standards are in place, no transportation will be offered to or from the farms.

Do employees and residents have access to the same restrooms? 

Yeah, the staff members share restrooms and work in teams.

Can my child come to work with me? 

Regrettably, no, but given that farm workers are valued employment, children ought to be able to attend class while they work.

Do the farms offer prompt starts? 

Every farm had a unique opening day. Please apply online and the farm will contact you if there is a need.

Does lodging exist, and how much does it cost? If so? 

For lodging, some farms impose an additional cost. Because every farm is unique, we suggest contacting the farm directly. You can do this by posing a query in the application’s last inquiry box.

When will I get the results of my application? 

Within two to three business days, the farms will respond. This will depend on how big the farm is.

What factors should I take into account before applying for farm jobs? 

Consider your travel choices because the farm may be in a remote location or because you could have to pay your employer to live on the farm in furnished housing.


One of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK is agriculture, and graduate employment rates are relatively high. Among the positions available are farm manager, animal nutritionist, real estate agent, soil scientist, and supply chain manager. You can apply for jobs in the UK that sponsor visas if you want to make a solid living. If you haven’t made up your mind about where you want to move, you might want to look into jobs that sponsor visas in Canada, Australia, Japan, and other countries.

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