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Masters In Marketing Online, the four most typical types of marketing degrees are shown below, according to Masters in Marketing Online. By selecting an intriguing subject, you can jump to that section.

  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Sports Marketing

The majority of schools will check for a few essential credentials regardless of the graduate degree you want to pursue.

For instance, in this industry, being conversational, extroverted, enthusiastic, affable, and persuasive may be highly beneficial. A creative imagination that is strong is necessary for designing innovative commercials and marketing materials. Being a determined, convincing speaker may also be useful when trying to advertise to skeptical buyers.

Master’s in Marketing

If you are pursuing a Master of Science in General Marketing, you have a wide range of employment opportunities at your disposal.


In order to promote and sell goods and services to a range of businesses, students pursuing general marketing degrees will acquire incredibly precise systems branding and selling tactics.

To further your understanding of foundational marketing concepts, global markets, marketing intelligence, brand management and strategies, computational and service marketing, marketing principles, statistics, and other areas, you’ll definitely enroll in a number of general marketing courses.

These can help you get ready for a position as a manager, consultant, or market research analyst.


Master’s in Digital Marketing

A subset of marketing known as digital marketing, often known as online marketing, is only concerned with promoting and selling products online via social media marketing campaigns, online marketplaces, and applications.

With a master’s in digital marketing, you can qualify for a variety of jobs, including

  • Social media marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Web development
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing analyst
  • Chief marketing officer

Since people spend so much time online, the majority of businesses, regardless of their industry, advertise online. As a result, master’s programs in online marketing usually include courses in advertising, social media, accountancy, digital engineering, marketing intelligence, search engine optimization, online marketing, and digital design.

Master’s in Public Relations

Public relations, or PR, is a hugely lucrative career since most firms, regardless of their industry, benefit from having in-house PR specialists. After receiving a public relations degree, one can work as a technical writer, public relations professional, manager, or director.

Employees may be given a variety of tasks, including

  • Drafting and/or managing press releases
  • Writing speeches for their employers
  • Drafting and giving public apologies in response to negative publicity
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Monitoring social media
  • Figuring out how to market to target audiences
  • Overseeing all internal communications
  • Creating and portraying a company image
  • Identifying social trends
  • Assisting with advertising

This graduate degree regularly offers advanced courses in public speaking, research methodology, technical writing, public relations writing, strategy, and public relations campaigns.

Master’s in Sports Marketing

Degrees in sports marketing are typically relatively comparable to degrees in general marketing and digital marketing, however sports marketing specifically targets sports fans and their community.

The majority of the courses in a degree program in sports marketing are comparable to those in programs in general and digital marketing, although you may need to take a few more units to specialize in sports marketing.

Some of the most popular electives for sports marketing degrees are those in marketing research, advertising, sales, event management, and merchandising. These courses also reflect many of the employment opportunities available to individuals with degrees in sports marketing.

If you’re interested in working as a sports marketer, sports agent, sales and merchandising representative, facility manager, director of operations, or any of the other numerous roles that people with degrees in sports marketing are eligible for, these studies can help you. In this sector, having a love of sports is also useful.

Should I Get an MBA or Masters in Marketing?

If you wish to obtain a master’s degree in marketing, your choices are an MBA with a Marketing focus or a Master of Science in Marketing.

MBA with Marketing Concentration

There are many factors that influence students’ decisions to pursue an MBA.


A broader range of courses are often covered in the course requirements for an MBA than for an MS. This indicates that it might better prepare you to deal with the corporate world in general than a marketing master’s program.

The information learned in MBA courses is typically easily transferable to a variety of organizational settings.


MBA programs do not focus specifically on marketing. The classes are often more comprehensive in nature, however marketing is a common topic, especially for individuals who specialize in marketing. You won’t likely get in-depth marketing teaching in MBA programs.

Master of Science in Marketing

If your main objective is to concentrate on marketing, an MS in Marketing might be a better choice.


In master’s in marketing programs, real marketing courses are frequently given more weight. MBA programs often do not include the complex marketing strategies featured in these graduate degree programs.


You might not learn much about broad business strategy since this degree is mostly focused on marketing. You’ll probably be fine in terms of marketing if you ever want to start your own business, but you may not have received much business training.

Courses for an Online Master’s in Marketing

For an online master’s in marketing program, you may need to take a variety of courses, and these courses will differ slightly amongst programs.

You’ll likely need to enroll in some of these courses, though. You’ll probably sign up for courses that are quite similar to them, if not the same ones.

Advanced Marketing Analysis

In addition to teaching you how to analyze market trends using a range of statistical software programs, this course can introduce you to a number of marketing decision-making models. Additionally, to develop your skills and become acclimated to sophisticated decision-making models, you’ll probably work on real-world case studies.

Global Business Courses

These classes could prepare you to create a business plan and market your goods globally. They might help you become ready to work abroad.

Various Statistics Courses

For your marketing master’s degree, you’ll likely need to spend a lot of time in statistics classes, such as those for statistical methods, regular and advanced statistical data management, and regular and advanced data mining.

By enrolling in these master’s level statistics courses, you can get a thorough understanding of inferential and descriptive statistics as well as a grasp of statistical analysis and its practical applications.

These courses will probably also cover other statistical ideas, like data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Additional courses might include various levels of marketing classes, courses on importing and exporting, marketing management, or different marketing and business electives.

What Can I Do with Masters in Marketing?

You will be able to choose from a variety of jobs once you have earned your marketing master’s degree. There are marketing roles available in almost every sector you can imagine. The ones that are most popular include

  • Social media marketer
  • Company sales representative
  • Public relations specialist, manager, or director
  • Market research analyst
  • Event or media planner
  • Marketing assistant or adviser
  • Fundraiser
  • Brand or product manager
  • Meeting planner
  • Admissions representative
  • Art director
  • Sales manager
  • Financial manager
  • Copywriter
  • Production manager
  • Paid search specialist
  • SEO manager
  • E-Commerce manager
  • Chief marketing officer

Although this is a sizable list of jobs, it most likely doesn’t even scratch the surface of the possibilities that a marketing master’s degree can provide.

If you add sports marketing to the list of potential job paths, it gets considerably longer. One or more of these are

  • Director of ticketing and finance
  • Sports administrator
  • Corporate sales director
  • Sports marketing account executive or manager
  • Athletic business manager
  • Fitness manager
  • Sports agent
  • Sports events coordinator
  • Facilities coordinator

Once more, this is only a portion of the employment options available to those with master’s degrees in sports marketing.

How Much Can You Make with a Masters in Marketing?

With so many various career opportunities open to those with a master’s in marketing, the compensation for marketing professionals likewise varies widely. Because many of the jobs in this field are so rewarding, getting a master’s or even a PhD in online marketing may help you move closer to more lucrative marketing careers.

According to the website of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the normal annual median salary for a single, full-time worker is $51,480.

The majority of jobs in the marketing sector pay above the median wage, while a handful may pay significantly less. Sometimes, marketing positions pay somewhat above average, and other times, they pay well above average.

One of the highest-paying marketing occupations is public relations director, which has an average salary that is higher than many other professions. These positions nearly always need candidates to climb the ladder from a lower position.







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