Top Guide On Jobs in Yukon Canada

Top Guide On Jobs in Yukon Canada, are you a job seeker searching for openings in Canada’s Yukon province? You are in the proper location! This article has all the information you require.


Yukon is a Canadian province most known for the Klondike gold rush, which occurred from 1896 to 1899 and involved over 100,000 prospectors risking their lives to find the valuable metal. The Yukon River remains as untamed and stunning as it did more than a century ago.

Large, breathtaking mountains and glacier-fed lakes make up the majority of the Yukon’s landscape. The historical capital, Whitehorse, has a population of just over 25,000 and is situated along the Yukon River.

Although there are many job opportunities in Canada, the Yukon offers a special quality of life that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Due to the remoteness of the area, Yukon’s cost of living is marginally higher than the national average, despite the fact that locals generally make more money.


The northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are one of the Yukon’s most well-known attractions. This amazing natural phenomena frequently causes the winter night skies to light up in a variety of breathtakingly vibrant hues.

Let’s look more closely at how to enter the country and what occupations will be in great demand in Yukon in 2023.

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Immigration Stream


Under the Fast Entry, Skilled Worker, or Critical Impact Worker programs, you can apply for a Yukon nomination.

If you use the Express Entry program, you must adhere to federal immigration requirements. This program can offer a quicker path to permanent residency, but it also has stricter requirements that you must complete.

Choosing the stream you want to apply for is the first step, followed by receiving a legitimate employment offer from a designated company. The requirements for your chosen stream must be met.

Express Entry and Skilled Worker Program

Applicant eligibility for a provincial nomination from Yukon depends on whether they have a current Express Entry profile and a genuine employment offer from a Yukon company. As a result of this program’s connection to the federal Express Entry system, successful applicants can anticipate a quicker application review time. The requirements for the candidate to qualify for the Federal Canada Experience Class are as follows: (CEC). The contenders:

  • Acceptance into the Express Entry pool is required
  • Must have a job seeker validation code and a current Express Entry profile
  • Must have a full-time job offer from a Yukon employer
  • You must demonstrate your desire to live in the Yukon territory

Candidates with employment types that fall under the National Occupation Classification’s categories 0, A, or B are eligible for these immigration choices.

In-Demand Occupation List

NOC Code  Eligible Occupations

  • 1311  Bookkeepers
  • 2174 IT Professionals
  • 3012 Registered Nurses
  • 3112 General Practitioners & Family Physicians
  • 3113 Dentists
  • 3223 Dental Technicians
  • 4214 Early Childhood Educator
  • 6322 Cooks
  • supervisors & managers
  • 7237 Welders and Related Machine Operators
  • 7241 Electricians
  • 7312 Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
  • 1111 Accountants
  • 6313 Accommodation, travel, tourism, and related services 

Yukon Skilled Worker 

Foreign nationals having work experience and a genuine job offer from a Yukon company may be qualified for provincial nomination. After they have it, they can apply for Canadian permanent residency directly through IRCC.

Candidates whose work type is designated as 0, A, or B in the National Occupation Classification are eligible for both the Skilled Worker and Express Entry immigration streams (NOC). Consider the professions that are in demand in both of these streams:

NOC Code Occupation Name

  • 1111 Accountants
  • 6313 Accommodation, travel, tourism, and related 
  • 1311 Bookkeepers
  • 2174 IT Professionals
  • 3012 Registered Nurses
  • 3112 General Practitioners & Family Physicians
  • 3113 Dentists
  • 4214 Early Childhood Educator
  • 6322 Cooks
  • services supervisors & managers
  • 7237 Welders and Related Machine Operators
  • 7241 Electricians
  • 7312 Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
  • 3223 Dental Technicians

Critical Impact Worker Stream

In the Yukon, there is a severe labor shortage that this immigration program is designed to address. It is targeted towards NOC C and D category semi-skilled professions. Some jobs just need a high school diploma and on-the-job training, not post-secondary education.

By providing permanent resident status to immigrants who live and work in Yukon and have plans to establish and reside there, appropriate jobs are filled, and the local economy gains.

In-Demand Occupation List

NOC Code Eligible Occupations

  • 6421 Retail Salespersons
  • 6525 Hotel Desk Clerks
  • 7511 Truck Drivers
  • 8431 Farm Workers
  • 6611 Cashiers
  • 6711 Food Counter Attendants & Kitchen Helpers
  • 6731 Hotel Housekeepers & Room Attendants
  • 6733 Janitors, caretakers, and building superintendents

The Yukon Community Pilot

Due to the high demand for workers, the Yukon Community Pilot has been launched in six provincial communities (YCP). During this three-year special pilot program, foreign nationals who receive a provincial nomination are able to apply for a work permit that will enable them to work concurrently for two or three different firms.

As you may know, one of the requirements for submitting an application for permanent residency in Canada is that you must work in a profession for at least 30 hours each week. If you are able to secure two or three jobs totaling at least 30 hours each week, this particular work visa will satisfy those requirements.

Yukon Business Nominee 

Anyone with a background in business and entrepreneurship may qualify for this route. Applicants for this stream must be business owners who operate in Yukon. Applicants must meet all other requirements and have a personal net worth of at least CAD 500,000.

How to apply for Yukon PNP?

The procedures are as follows for the four streams in which candidates may submit an application for nomination together with NOC 0, A, or B categories:

1) Express Entry: Candidates must satisfy all requirements listed in the federal economic immigration program in order to be qualified for a work visa that is valid. Prior to applying, the applicant must complete an Express Entry profile. The nominees must fill out and submit the application form after getting it.

2) Skilled Worker Program: The candidate first needs to submit an Express Entry Profile and get nominated. After receiving the invitation, the person must submit a permanent residency application.

3) Critical Impact Worker Program: Applicants may submit applications for this program under NOC Categories C or D. Candidates first need to set up an Express Entry profile. They can finish and submit the ITA application after getting the nomination.

4) Business Nominee Program: Expression of Interest, or EOI, is the system used by this stream to conduct business. If a candidate’s business plan successfully fits the requirements for the stream, they will be identified in the pool of candidates. From this pool, candidates are chosen and invited to apply by the YNP. It should be made clear that the selection criteria have not yet been made public.

5) Yukon Community Pilot: In addition to completing other requirements, applicants must apply online and have two or three qualified job offers in order to apply for a Canada Work Permit under the Community Pilot stream. Also, depending on where an applicant applies, different application procedures and forms are used for this stream.

Get yourself employment opportunities

You can use a variety of job sites for this reason if you’re a foreigner seeking for employment in Yukon. These websites might be, but are not restricted to:

  • Canada Job Bank
  • Employment Central
  • Yuwin


What is the Yukon PNP application fee?

Applicants for the Federal Skilled Worker Program must pay a cost of $1,325 even though there is no application charge for the Yukon PNP.

How long does the Yukon PNP take to process?

Normally, it takes 12 to 14 weeks to process applications for the skilled worker and key worker immigration programs, however due to the high amount of applications, this time limit may be extended.

What is the Yukon PNP’s minimum CRS score?

Because candidates receive 600 points upon nomination under the Fast Entry System, the minimum CRS needed for the Yukon PNP is 743.

Can I apply for the Yukon PNP if I don’t have a job offer?

No, in order to apply for the Yukon PNP you must have a job offer.

Is IELTS required for Yukon PNP?

IELTS is necessary for the Yukon PNP, yes. In order to be qualified for Yukon PNP, you must have a level 6. As language proficiency assessments, you can also use CELPIP and TEF.

To which YNP stream should I apply?

Candidates for the Yukon Express Entry System must currently have an active profile in the Express Entry system. If you don’t have an Express Entry profile, you might be qualified for the following:

If a skilled worker’s profession is classified as NOC Skill Level 0, A, or B if their occupation comes under NOC Skill level C or D, Critical Impact Worker stream.

What is the leading industry in Yukon?

The primary industry in Yukon is resource mining, specifically for lead, zinc, silver, gold, and copper. The majority of the minerals in Yukon are these. You would therefore benefit from pursuing a profession in this field. The second-largest industry in Yukon is tourism, therefore working as a hotel manager or staff member is another option.

Is a Job Offer Required If I Want to Work in Yukon?

Both domestic and foreign nominations are accepted for the Yukon Nominee Program. To be qualified for the Yukon Nominee Program, you must have a full-time, year-round job offer from an authorized Yukon company and satisfy the requirements of your application stream.

Conclusion On Jobs in Yukon Canada

Although there are many different job opportunities available across the nation, Yukon has the highest standard of life of any province or territory. Although the Yukon’s average pay is significantly higher than the national average, the cost of living there is slightly higher due to the distance from the rest of the country.

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