Top 10 Best Insurance Policies For foreigners

Top 10 Best Insurance Policies, when moving abroad, you want the greatest international health insurance, there are many top-notch options available, most of which are affordable, but attempting to choose one may be overwhelming. How can you find the international health plan that best matches your needs?


The top 10 global insurers are ranked in this guide using a variety of important criteria, in order to help you select the plan that would provide you with the greatest healthcare at the best price, it also identifies which plans are suitable for various individual needs, for even more information, compare international medical insurance programs using our free tool.

While this guide will help you narrow down your options, it is important to thoroughly review each policy’s terms in order to select the insurer and plan that will best meet your needs, one of our brokers can help you along the way and can discuss your options with you. To get going, request a free estimate.

What Is the Best Global Health Insurance?

The top global health insurance on our list is Cigna Global, the finest international health insurance, however, will rely on your individual requirements, for expats relocating abroad to work and reside, Cigna Global, GeoBlue, William Russell, and International Medical Group are all great options, each one is best suited to a particular category of global citizen.


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Best Overall International Medical Insurance, Premium

One of the earliest worldwide health insurance providers to provide coverage to expats and other foreign nationals was Cigna Global Insurance, the 1982-founded business is still a global leader in providing international insurance, for many people who are expatriates, it is a fantastic alternative because it offers thorough coverage in practically every nation.

One of the reasons Cigna Global achieved first place on our ranking is because their modules’ various levels of abroad health insurance let you add only the benefits you need without having to pay for anything you won’t use, you can further tailor the cost of your premium by choosing from a variety of deductible and cost-sharing choices, cigna is a favorite with tourists and expats due to its good access to foreign medical professionals and facilities, am Best has given them an A rating.

Cigna Plan Highlights

No upper medical limit
The broadest coverage available Members don’t have to pay a deductible for common services like doctor visits, preventative care, and medicines for outpatient use.

  • Best Health Plan for US Citizens Abroad, Premium

    The Xplorer package from GeoBlue is the best option for Americans who live abroad and for foreigners who visit the USA, geoBlue, an independent Blue Cross Blue Shield Association licensee, provides both long-term and short-term insurance policies all around the world, both u s nationals who are expatriates residing in the USA and US nationals who are living abroad can choose the premium GeoBlue Xplorer plan, despite their geographical restrictions, their wide network, ease of making a claim, and great telehealth services helped them rank second on our list, members concur that due to their thorough coverage and accommodating service, GeoBlue’s premium plans are worthwhile should you become ill or wounded, A.M Best has awarded GeoBlue an A- rating.

    If you carefully consider the benefits, the premium level alternatives from GeoBlue provide competitive costs that surpass the policies offered by the competition with equal high levels of coverage

    Xplorer Plan Highlights

    No upper medical limit
    The broadest coverage available Members don’t have to pay a deductible for common services like doctor visits, preventative care, and medicines for outpatient use

    Best Policies for Expats in Asia

    For 30 years, William Russell has worked in the healthcare industry, with a focus on offering clients private insurance benefits throughout 160 nations, with William Russell medical insurance, you can select the ideal plan regardless of whether you are an individual, a family, or an individual thinking about starting a family.

    The organization offers four different plan tiers, each tailored to meet your individual demands, they offer fantastic benefits, such as substantial coverage for preventive care and first-rate cancer care, the deductible you select and the area of coverage you choose can be used to modify their pricing (Plans don’t come with USA coverage, but you may add it for vacations up to 90 days) They got the third rank on this list due to their highly individualized service and round-the-clock customer support. A.M. Best gave William Russell an A+ grade.

    Members of William Russell’s four plan tiers Gold, Silver, SilverLite, and Bronze get thorough medical coverage, great benefits, and top-notch customer service.

    William Russell Highlights

    Each plan level provides complete coverage for inpatient care, while the majority of tiers have no cap on outpatient therapy
    Totally covered for cancer, including a $6,000 cancer genome treatment
    With the option to acquire Medevac Plus coverage, all plans include Medevac Basic

    Best Global Medical Insurance for People on a Budget

    From trip cancellation to their long-term foreign medical plan IMG Global Medical, International Medical Group (IMG) offers the broadest variety of products among international health insurance businesses. IMG has been offering consumers all across the world inexpensive coverage, travel insurance, and international medical insurance for more than 20 years. IMG presently offers insurance to citizens in more than 170 different nations.

    IMG achieved the fourth rank on this list thanks to its extensive selection of plans, strong preventative care coverage, and flexible pricing options. They also provide add-on coverage for things like terrorism, sports, and a global term life insurance policy. A.M. Best has given IMG an A- grade.

    IMG Plan Highlights

    • Four plan options and additional optional modules
    • Choice of coverage areas to reflect your geographical area of need
    • Freedom to choose your health care provider wherever you are in the world

    Additional Leading Global Health Insurers

    Now Health International

    Foreign nationals living abroad can easily get the high-quality medical coverage that Now Health International offers throughout the world. The Now Health WorldCare Plan, which offers a wide range of advantages, including coverage for expatriates in the USA, is one of the company’s top health insurance options for clients from other countries. Their SimpleCare plan is a more cost-effective choice. For expats looking for comprehensive medical coverage that suits their budget, SimpleCare is ideal. A.M. Best has given Now Health International an A+ rating.

    Integra Global Health Insurance

    The UK-based company Integra Global has service locations all around the world, including various nations in Europe, North America, and Asia. The business specializes in offering health plans to persons, businesses, and organizations with special protection requirements, such as expats, marine professionals, globetrotters, and those exposed to certain hazards. It aspires to create distinctive worldwide health insurance choices that provide superior protection, great value, and unparalleled hands-on personal care. A.M. Best has given Integra Global an A grade.

    Allianz International Medical Insurance

    Allianz is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. It is a German business that is a part of the Allianz Group and is run by Allianz Worldwide Partners. The firm is well-known for its extensive network and for offering enterprises employee international health insurance. A.M. Best has given the Allianz Group an A+ grade.

    AIA Group

    In Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, AIA is widely present. For many expats, they are a one-stop shop because they provide international health insurance in addition to retirement insurance, life insurance, and accident protection. Rates from AM Best Depending on the country they are operating in, the AIA Group has different divisions.

    Bupa Global

    With over 65 years in business, Bupa Worldwide has devoted its resources and expertise to offering the best global health policies. Their multilingual global staff of advisors and health specialists aids in delivering service that exceeds expectations. They provide coverage in the United Kingdom and a few other European nations. Bupa Global has received a B++ grade from A.M. Best.




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